Tuesday, 12 August 2014


Welcome to my blog. Wow I have a blog. I had never planned to start one, not at all. But after reading the posts of others, I have been rather inspired. It seems so fun to take photos and write a lil somethin and then share it with.. anyone and everyone that stumbles across this space. I put down my camera and packed up my creative soul years ago. Big mistake. So this space is about documenting my journey back to creativity. The stuff that makes my heart sing. Learning how to use my new dslr, photoshop etc, and eventually code my own blog. Hoping to make my blog look professional though written by a complete amateur who just googled "how to remove borders from images in blogger".

Anyway, I thought I would start by raising a glass, of healthy life-giving juice. 
 I went to the farmers market, thinking I was going to be too late. Thankfully I wasn't and I picked up some fresh vegetables. Including a bunch of beautiful beets whose destiny it was to  become part of my juice. An apple, carrots, and kale were the other parts. 
Peel and chop, and into the juicer...
Dontcha just love that colour.

Hmm my first post, yes this was indeed rather fun :)

So, hello to you, if you are reading this, it really is lovely having you here.

Lets see where this goes...